The Association of Christian Schools International and Christian Schools International have partnered with the Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) to establish the Christian School Educators Science Academy. Out of the desire to be a unified voice in Christian education, ACSI and CSI are working together on this new project as a furtherance of their partnership, announced in April of 2016. This professional development opportunity, facilitated by VAEI, a renowned leader in science research and education, will present an innovative education model tailored to the Christian school setting. This program is an opportunity for ACSI and CSI teachers to interact and learn from each other in their common mission of providing high-quality science education from a Christian worldview to the next generation.

Steve Babbitt

VP of Purposeful Designs Publications (ACSI)

Steve has been involved in education on a professional level for over 40 years. He has been a teacher, coach, and principal, and now is leading the publishing division at ASCI. He is driven to strengthen and equip Christian schools.

Lisa Wood

Director of Purposeful Design Publications (ACSI)

In addition to being the director of the textbook development department, Lisa leads graphic designers and teachers-turned-editors in creating and revising textbooks for grades 1-6. Additionally, she has earned a BA in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and co-teaches adult ESL classes.

Cindi Banse

Textbook Training and Development Coordinator (ACSI)

Being an educator for over 23 years at both Christian and public schools, Cindi has been equipped with the knowledge and the tools to serve as a math and science support specialist. She has trained in over 24 states and three different countries.

Darryl Shelton

VP of Corporate Development and Innovation (CSI)

Representing the interests of product development of Christian Schools International for over 11 years, Darryl has acted as a conduit between teachers and their curriculum needs. His desire is to innovatively transform teachers into leaders of education within their community.

Rachael Heyboer

Manager of Curriculum Product Development (CSI)

Rachael has been a part of Christian Schools International’s development team for over 12 years and has overseen the development of the science teacher resource And It Was Good, 2nd Edition Science curriculum, and other CSI curricula. She provides leadership in the collaboration of writers, designers, printers, and marketing to equip teachers within the community.

Ken Bergwerff

Assistant Professor of Science Education (Calvin College)

Ken has served as an educator since 1978 and is known as a developer of higher education science curriculum and collaborator on CSI material. Ken will be using his expertise to work with Christian schools and begin worldview discussion based on the response to the Community of Practice model.

Terra Tarango

Director (VAEI)

Terra oversees the Van Andel Institute’s efforts to improve inquiry-based instruction in K-12 schools. She is devoted to increasing curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking within the classroom setting. With more than 15 years of experience in educational publishing and services, she is an expert in instructional climate and culture.

Jim Nicolette

Associate Director (VAEI)

He was an award-winning middle and high school science teacher, middle and high school principal, professional development specialist, and central office administrator.

Bill Dinkelmann

National Program Manager (VAEI)

Bill has spent over 25 years as a teacher, administrator, professional development designer, technology solution engineer, project manager, and regional K-12 science education consultant. His professional background also includes a deep knowledge of online learning and assessment systems.

Robin Dhaseleer

Marketing and Community Manager (VAEI)

Robin has a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing from Northern Michigan University. Over the past 10 years, she has been creating and managing successful marketing campaigns and solutions for businesses on a local, regional, and national level. She comes from a family of educators and has a great passion and appreciation for the programs and support that VAEI offers.

Thank You!

Christian School Educators Science Academy would not be possible without the generosity of our donors. Their passion to help equip and engage educators by providing backing continues to be a blessing to the community. Thank you to all who donated time and money to make this possible.