Cultivate a curious mind. Integrate a biblical worldview.

November 15–16, 2018 | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Christian Schools International (CSI) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) are offering a unique professional development program for K–8 teachers of science. This opportunity is limited to 50 teachers of science, so get your application in by the October 29, 2018 deadline.

The Christian School Educators Science Academy (CSESA) is designed to support transformation of Christian science teaching to a practice-based culture. Understanding scientific study in the light of biblical revelation is vital. The Bible tells us who our creator is and explains our relationship to him, each other, and the creation, while science gives us some insight into how God acts in his creation. The Bible and science are complementary, together helping us understand God’s plan and purpose for creation. Throughout the training, attendees will examine a biblical perspective and discuss Christian responses to a revolutionary instructional model created by Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) with the guidance of two trained biblical worldview facilitators.


Susan Koppendrayer, CSI STEM Education Specialist

Susan has been a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) expert and science specialist for CSI since 2012. She worked with a team of educators to create the And It Was Good science resource and has worked onsite with schools to update their science curriculum. Susan is also a CSESA Lead Teacher mentor, assists with webinar training for science educators, and works with schools as they implement the Next Generation Science Standards from a Christian perspective.

In addition to her role at CSI, Susan is a middle school earth, physical, and life science teacher at Calvin Christian School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ken Bergwerff, Science Education Specialist

Ken has worked with CSI on various Science education aspects since 2011. His work includes reviewing science publications, conducting webinars related to science teaching pedagogy, and developing content. More recently, Ken has participated in the CSESA by providing guidance on developing a distinct Christian perspective in teaching science, both at the training sessions and follow-up webinars.

In addition to his work with CSI, Ken is a professor of Science Education at Calvin College. Prior to teaching future teachers at Calvin, Ken spent 22 fabulous years teaching middle school science in Redlands, California and Grand Rapids, Michigan.